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Lisa Hendey and Tiffany Walsh chat with contributor Lisa Hess all about what goes into Writing Novels for this week's's CM Hangout episode #26. If you love reading novels, or your curious about the process of writing novels, you'll enjoy watching and/or listening to today's CM Hangout. 

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CM Hangout #25: Online Evangelization Tips, Strategies and Authenticity

How do you evangelize online? Join co-hosts Erika Marie and Deanna Bartalini and guest, Lance Rossen talk all about online evangelization in today's CM Hangout podcast.

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CM Hangout #24: Summer Family Fun Ideas

This week on’s CM Hangout Podcast, contributors LisaHendey, Gina Felter, and SterlingJaquith delve into the topic of Summer Family Fun -How to keep kids' brains from frizzling, road trips with kids, anda few tips on how to stay sane as moms.

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CM Hangout #23: Book Love! Catholic Moms' Favorite Books contributors Erika Marie, Michele Faehnle, and Tiffany Walsh gush over their favorite books together on this week's’s CM Hangout Podcast.
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CM Hangout #22: Parenting Teens & Keeping them Catholic

Lisa Hendey, Lisa Henley Jones, Ellen Mongan and Marc Cardaronella talk all about the joys and challenges of raising teens and encouraging them in the Catholic Faith.

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CM Hangout #21: Catholic Faith Journey, Blogging, and Lenten Lessons

This week on’s CM Hangout Podcast, co-hosts Erika Marie and Lisa Jones Hang Out with Kimberly Cook and chat all about blogging, Kimberly's Catholic Faith Journey, and a bit about the lessons we've learned this Lent.

CM Hangout #20: Marriage ~ Keeping it Holy, Keeping it Real

This week on’s CM Hangout Podcast, Erika Marie Hangs Out with fellow contributors Ellen Mongan and Sterling Jaquith. Today, Ellen, Sterling, and Erika chatted about Marriage, how we grow in holiness, avoid or get out of the pitfalls, and stay accountable to each other by keeping a daily "Measure of Marriage".

We'd love to hear from you! How did you prepare for marriage? How do you make your marriage a priority when life gets crazy? What tools do you use to work on your marriage?

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This week on’s CM Hangout Podcast, co-hosts Erika Marie and Allison Gingras welcome our guests and contributor Deanna Bartalini. Deanna shares ideas for how to live the liturgical year in our homes and with our families as well as giving a basic overview of what the liturgical year is.

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Erika Marie, Gina Felter and Michele Faehnle and Emily Jaminet share how they incorporate the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy into their lives as mothers in and out of the home. Thanks to Ave Maria Press for sponsoring this episode in honor of the book, Divine Mercy for Moms: Sharing the Lessons of St. Faustina.

This week on’s CM Hangout Podcast, co-hosts Lisa Hendey and Lisa Jones welcome our guest and contributor Christina Weber. Today, Christina and the Lisas talked about how to discern God's Will for each of our unique situations according to how God calls us.

Christina Weber helps Christian women entrepreneurs confidently do God's will in their business and personal life and remove what is blocking them from earning more in less time while fully embracing all of their life roles. To get her free "God's Will Tool Kit", go to

Thank you to our Sponsor!

Today's CM Hangout Episode is sponsored by Sterling Jaquith ("JAKE-with"). For a fun and quick Catholic podcast, check out Coffee & Pearls! This weekly show is only 15 minutes and features host Sterling Jaquith chatting about life as a Catholic mom and how we can strive for sainthood while still owning an iPhone and chasing toddlers! Learn more about Sterling at her blog, and you can find her online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope @sterlingjaquith.

Watch for a new episode of CM Hangout next Tuesday and please keep this project in your prayers!

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