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CM Hangout: Bonus Thanksgiving Special!

A fun and totally unscripted CM Hangout with's CM Hangout hosts Lisa Jones, Gina Felter, and Erika Marie. They decided their Thanksgiving week wasn't crazy enough and that it would be a great idea to add in a fun and totally off-the-cuff CM Hangout Thanksgiving Special just for you. 

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CM Hangout #11: Tami Kiser and Advent - This week on's CM Hangout Podcast, co-hosts Lisa Hendey and Sarah Reinhard welcome contributor Tami Kiser, a.k.a. "Smart Martha". Today, Tami shared her "Smart Martha tips" for preparing for Advent and Christmas without having panic attack.

Tami Kiser is mother, wife, author and speaker. She is the author of Smart Martha's Catholic Guide for Busy Moms and the creator and founder of Smart Martha Ministries,, and She is also a part-time dance teacher. She has been married for 27 years. And has 10 children (ages 3 to 26) and 5 grandchildren. You can follow Tami on her Smart Martha Facebook page and the Catholic Conference 4 Moms Facebook page.

THANK YOU to Sarah Reinhard for sponsoring this episode – again! Sarah sponsored the show today in honor of Mary and her book, Word by Word: Slowing Down with the Hail Mary. Word by Word is now available from Ave Maria Press (and from your local Catholic bookstore or online at your favorite book retailer). In it, Sarah Reinhard has gathered 40 different voices to take a look at why every word — from the “Hail” right down to every single “The” — is a critical part of this prayer. So often, we all tend to whip through the Hail Mary and rattle it off without really considering what we’re praying and saying. This book is sure to make you reconsider the prayer and, hopefully, draw you closer to the Blessed Mother and, through her, to Jesus. Be sure to check the show notes and order your copy today!

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Finding God's Peace w Heidi Bratton {Book Notes} Hangs out with author Heidi Bratton to talk about her new book, Finding God's Peace in Everyday Challenges; 100 Meditations for Women

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This week on's CM Hangout Podcast, co-hosts Erika Marie and Gina Felter welcome our guest and contributor Judith Costello. Today, Judith shares her love for art and how art can be used as a form of Prayer and Stress Relief.

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This week on's CM Hangout Podcast, co-hosts Lisa Hendey and Lisa Jones welcome our guest and contributor Erin Franco. Erin shared about the program, Domestic Church and how it has been a game changer for her marriage. She also shared great practical advice for couples who want to start praying together as a couple and as a family. Erin is a Catholic wife, mother of three, blogger, podcaster, and contributor. She writes and podcasts about growing in the everyday life of faith. You can find Erin's blog, podcast, and radio work all at You can follow Erin on Twitter, The Right Heart Podcast Facebook page, her Humble Handmaid blog Facebook page, and on check out her latest pins on Pinterest.

We offer a very warm thank you to David and Mercedes Rizzo for sponsoring this episode in honor of their 25th Marriage Anniversary  tomorrow, November 4, and also for their Adaptive First Eucharist Preparation Kit booklet. Happy Anniversary! David and Mercedes Rizzo are new to the community and we had the great pleasure of welcoming them as our first guests on the CM Hangout #3: Families with Autism & World Meeting of Families. As parents of a child with autism, David and Mercedes promote inclusion for individuals with special needs in the faith. They have developed the Adaptive First Eucharist Preparation Kit, and have authored Spiritually Able: A ParentÂ’s Guide to Teaching the Faith to Children with Special Needs and Faith, Family, and Children with Special Needs: How Catholic Parents and Their Kids with Special Needs Can Develop a Richer Spiritual Life.   

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