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This week on’s CM Hangout Podcast, co-hosts Lisa Hendey and Lisa Jones welcome our guest and contributor Christina Weber. Today, Christina and the Lisas talked about how to discern God's Will for each of our unique situations according to how God calls us.

Christina Weber helps Christian women entrepreneurs confidently do God's will in their business and personal life and remove what is blocking them from earning more in less time while fully embracing all of their life roles. To get her free "God's Will Tool Kit", go to

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Today's CM Hangout Episode is sponsored by Sterling Jaquith ("JAKE-with"). For a fun and quick Catholic podcast, check out Coffee & Pearls! This weekly show is only 15 minutes and features host Sterling Jaquith chatting about life as a Catholic mom and how we can strive for sainthood while still owning an iPhone and chasing toddlers! Learn more about Sterling at her blog, and you can find her online on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope @sterlingjaquith.

Watch for a new episode of CM Hangout next Tuesday and please keep this project in your prayers!

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