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Catholic Moments #146 - The World As It Should Be

Gregory F. A. Pierce has over 40 years of experience working for social justice. He is the president of ACTA Publications.  Greg is the author of several books, including the best seller Spirituality at Work: 10 Ways to Balance Your Life on the Job.  He and his wife, Kathy, live in Chicago and have three young-adult children.  Today Greg joins us to discuss his latest book, The World as It Should Be: Living Authentically in the Here-And-Now Kingdom of God.

Is there serious illness in your family or circle of friends? Did you know that others have been praying for your intention for years? That's the topic of today's Deacon Moment. And please let us know of your prayer needs.

What do floods and social sin have to do with one another? In this week's teen moment, Avery shares a reflection on Noah's story and how it relates to the problems with social sin that we face today.

This week in our Mary Moment, Sarah Reinhard introduces the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary in the first of a series reflecting on the rosary. Special thanks to Susan Bailey, who graciously agreed to let us use her Ave Maria music.

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